“Goodbye Happiness” reflects on love, life, and times gone by. In her self-directed, “U-tube” music video, Utada Hikaru makes references to her past songs (the headphones from 「Heart Station」, the bear from 「ぼくはくま」, etc), in a set designed to look like her bedroom.

The lyrics, combined with the music video, lend the song a unique personal flair that’s… what can I say, hard to resist?! Here’s her video (Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel an itch to start dancing along!)

Please enjoy the lyrics & comment ^__^

甘いお菓子 消えた跡には
雲一つないSummer Day
[Where the sweet snacks disappeared,*
there is a lonely looking boy.
A cloudless summer day.]

日に焼けた手足 白いワンピースが
[A girl’s limbs are sunburnt, and her white dress
will get dirty, but she doesn’t care.**
An unconscious paradise.]

[At the end of the dream, there were no do-overs.***
One day, I came to know your name.]

So Goodbye Loneliness
[So Goodbye Loneliness
Humming the song of love,
I am smiling in my reflection in your eyes]

So Goodbye Happiness
それでもいいの Love me
[So Goodbye Happiness
I can no longer relive the times
I frolicked naïvely
but I’m OK with that. Love me]

考えすぎたり ヤケ起こしちゃいけない
子供だましさ 浮き世なんざ
[Don’t worry too much or give in to despair.
This transient world is but child’s play.]

[When people become alone,
they realize the meaning of love.]

過ぎ去りし days
[Let me hear the sweet song
of days gone by.
Do you still remember the way we felt when we first met?]

So good bye innocence
君のせいだよKiss me
[So good bye innocence
I can no longer relive the times
I frolicked naïvely.
It’s your fault. Kiss me]

Oh 万物が廻り廻る
Oh oh oh darling darling
誰かに乗り換えたりしません Only you
[Oh Everything is circling back to the start
Oh oh oh darling darling
I won’t move on to someone else. Only you]

ありのままで 生きていけたらいいよね
[I’ll be fine living the way I am, right?
In important times, another me intrudes]****

So good bye happiness
あの頃へ戻りたいね Baby
そしてもう一度Kiss me
[So good bye happiness
I want to relive the times
I frolicked naïvely, Baby
And then once again, Kiss me.]
お構いなし being unmindful
口ずさむ sing to oneself/hum
ヤケを起こす to become desperate
子供だまし mere child’s play/childish trick
浮き世 fleeting life; this transient world; sad world
なんざ=なんぞ+は= など (colloquial)
乗り換える to move on to (e.g. a new love interest)

*跡 differs from 後 in that 跡 focuses on where an event happened, not when. (learned this from friend on Jref forums)
**ーよう indicates a guess (推量を表して)
***待ったなし means “there are no do-overs”; 待った is Japanese for “backsies” (taking back a move in a game); Basically, Utada reflects on how she cannot change/re-have the dream once it is over.
****もう一人の私 means “another person in me”. I’m assuming she means “If I don’t live true to myself, that other person in me will get in the way.”