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1. 経済大国 economic power
2. 伸び率 growth rate (中国GDP伸び率は予想より加速、)
3. 一人当たり per capita (一人当たりのGDP)
4. 金融(きんゆう)financial (金融引き締め策 tight-money policy)
5. 価格(かかく)costs (不動産や食料品価格上昇)
6. 所得格差(しょとくかくさ)income divide
7. 輸出(ゆしゅつ)exports
8. 経済低迷(ていめい) stagnant economy
9. 少子高齢化(しょうしこうれいか)graying population (low birth rate + aging)

from this op-ed:


from ep8 of Nodame Cantabile

可憐(かれん)poor; pitiful; cute; sweet; lovely

かかる to depend on
将来がかかってる my future is at stake

カピカピ crusty; flaky; dried out
like rice balls after they’ve been left for a while

タイムサービス limited-time sale

経験済み very experienced

晴らす(はらす)to dispel/clear away; to refresh oneself
迷いを晴らす to clear doubt

晴れ舞台(はれぶたい)gala occasion
息子の晴れ舞台 my son’s time to shine

1. 球技(きゅうぎ)ballgame (e.g. baseball, basketball, etc)
2. 近隣(きんりん)neighborhood

Please stop playing ballgames like soccer and catch. They are a nuisance to the neighborhood.

3. よける to avoid (physical contact with)

傘で雪をよける to use an umbrella to cover from snow

4. 煙突(えんとつ)chimney

From episode 7 of Nodame Cantabile:

1. 取り込む(とりこむ)to be busy
2. 匿名(とくめい)anonymous
3. 差し入れ(さしいれ)refreshments to someone carrying out a task
4. ハリセン (paper fan used as) a slapstick
5. 図面(ずめん)diagram; blueprint
6. 没頭 immerse oneself
7. 健闘(けんとう)good luck!; good fight (健闘を祈る)

無職(むしょく)without occupation
依存(いぞん) dependent [パソコン依存」
固定電話(こていでんわ)landline phone
心境(しんきょう)mental state
ふてくされる to become sulky
月額(げつがく)monthly amount/fee


1. 待ったなし now or never; no do-overs
2. グローバル化 globalization
3. 口ずさむ hum; sing to oneself
4. 楽園 paradise
5. このごろ these days
6. 遠回り detour; roundabout way
7. 筆頭(ひっとう)1st on list

1. 不妨 no harm in; might as well
2. 自憐自艾 to wallow in self-pity
3. 敷衍(fu1yan3) to be perfunctory; to be negligent in doing one’s work; to put off; to temporize
4. 息息相關 be closely linked to (to be related as closely as each breath is to the next)
5. 主宰(zhu3zai3) to dominate/dictate