Now that I’m finished with my Japanese tests, I can reconnect with my Taiwanese/Mandarin side!

1. 例行公事 routine procedure; mere formality
2. 甘於 be willing to
3. 吝(lin4)於 be stingy about
4. 樂子 pleasure
5. 蕩婦(dang4 fu4) woman of loose morals; hussy
6. 惦記(dian4 ji4) to be concerned about; to remember with concern
7. 一成不變 immutable and frozen (ex: lifestyle)
8. 鬆弛(song1 chi2) limp; flabby; slack
9. 慾望 desire; longing
10. 惱羞成怒(nao3 xiu1 cheng2 nu4) to fly into a rage out of humiliation; to be shamed into anger
11. 淋巴管 lymph vessel
12. 拂袖而去 to leave in a huff
13. 翻雲覆雨 (said of human affections) as changeable as clouds and rain
14. 輕佻 (qing1 tiao1) frivolous/giddy/flippant; as light as a butterfly
15. 亦(yi4) also
16. 枷鎖(jia1 suo3) (figuratively) bondage/chains/shackles (解開道德的枷鎖)
17. 豪放 bold & unconstrained; liberal & outspoken
18. 邂逅 (xie4 hou4) to meet by chance
19. 矜持(jin1chi2) restrained; reserved
20. 尤物(you2wu4) a woman of extraordinary beauty; a rare beauty