Some of these words are from the drama JIN about a neurosurgeon who gets sent back to the late Edo Period (Bakumatsu), so they will be outdated, but it’s still interesting to learn them.

1. 蘭方(らんぽう)Western medicine (as introduced to Japan by the Dutch during the Edo period)
2. お尋ね者(おたずねもの)wanted man; person sought by police
3. 恩人(おんじん)benefactor; patron (命の恩人)
4. 主(あるじ)head of household
5. 守り抜く(まもりぬく)protect to the end
6. 産婆(さんば)midwife
7. 麻酔(ますい)anesthesia
8. 著作権保護(ちょさくけんほご)copyright protection
9. ハッとする taken aback (最近のベルリッツの広告面白いし、ハッとする)
10. もどかしい irritating; not quick enough; tantalizing; tantalising; feel impatient; tardy
11. 壊滅(かいめつ)destruction; catastrophe
12. 女郎(じょろう)prostitution; entertainment woman
13. 細菌(さいきん)bacteria
14. ごろつき rogue
15. 総髪(そうはつ)wearing one’s hair knotted in the back
16. 征伐(せいばつ)conquest; subjugation
17. ボタンがとれている button has become loose
18. 球状(きゅうじょう)spherical
19. 冷暖房器(れいだんぼうき)air conditioning; AC
20. 裏返し(うらがえし)inside out; upside down (傘を裏返しにする)