Reading about a private Christian school in Japan called Gyosei Academy- Random readings teach you a variety of vocabulary. Plus, it’s always fun to translate random things just for practice. Translating shows whether you really understand the text, after all. Furigana in [brackets].

Gyosei School was founded in the spirit of nurturing, through an education based on Christian principles, individuals who work hard for social welfare and aim for mature character.

Jesus Christ taught that leading a life of love for the Lord and others is the path to self-actualization*. Alphonse Heinrich, the founder of our academy, based our academy’s education on this teaching.

Students of Gyosei Academy learn while wishing to hear the voice of the Lord, to be guided by the light of truth, and to vigorously walk the path of self-actualization.

*This was a difficult sentence to translate so I got help from JREF friends. An explanation of “self-actualization” found here: