“Three Wishes” by FIR, my favorite Taiwanese band. I feel they are truly an original group, and I appreciate the time and effort they put into writing (most of) their song lyrics. I wish more Taiwanese artists would learn from their creative energy. (picture creds to aznmusic.wordpress.com)

This is from the album 愛·歌姬 [Love Diva]. The two singers of the band are called Real (沁) and Faye (飛) and the lyrics are divided into their parts. Please enjoy the translation 🙂

沁:我喜歡妳的眼神 溫柔又危險
請不要戴上眼鏡 我會看不見
想要張開雙手 把妳寶貝
想和妳天天見面 想帶妳環遊世界
Real: I like the look of your eyes, tender yet dangerous.
Please don’t wear glasses, for I won’t be able to see them.
I want to spread out my arms and hold you tight,
see you everyday, and take you around the world.

飛:我喜歡你愛逞強 笨笨的笑臉
在心中抬頭挺胸 堅定的信念
這個遼闊世界 不夠完美
但有了你在我身邊 什麼都很OK
Faye: I like it when you act tough with your silly smile
Your pride and steadfast beliefs (1)
make me feel that this big world isn’t beautiful enough,
but since you’re by my side, everything’s OK.

合:第一個心願 為你 把幸福堆積
天涯到海角 頭髮到呼吸
下一個心願 給你 最好的自己
再許個心願 我的愛 把你佔領
Duet: My first wish is to collect happiness for you
with my heart no matter where I am (2)
I’ll make a wish to give you the best of yourself.
Another wish: May my love conquer you.

沁:為什麼為了小事 就要掉眼淚
好像有太多的事 只能自己揹
現在就立刻馬上 變成你的Superman
Real: Why do you shed tears over trivial matters?
There seems to be too many facts that you shoulder.
Actually, if you just give me the OK,
I can become your superman right away.

飛:這世上最重要的 不只是誓言
只要你常常記得 親親我的臉
我會永遠記得 這個今天
還有很久的那一天 我也要有你陪
Faye: The most important thing in this world isn’t just a vow.
As long as you often remember to kiss my face,
I’ll forever remember this very day
and I’ll want you to accompany me to a day far away.

Repeat “Duet” part twice

(1) 抬頭挺胸 literally means “chin up, chest out”
(2) 天涯到海角 literally means “from the corners of the sea to the edges of the sky”. 頭髮到呼吸 literally means “from my hair to my breath,” which a friend on chinese-forums.com described to mean “from the smallest piece of my body [hair] to my heart & soul [breath]”